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for a tough commute on the bay bridge. lorraine blanco is live at the toll plaza with what drivers are dealing with that, hello. >> reporter: hello, tara, you can see it is extremely foggy behind me and you can barely see the light poles behind me and beyond that, tolls are not visible. be prepared for a lost breaking and also on the side streets, you couldn't see signs this morning and driving through a good part of the east bay is a challenge this morning. we shot video near emoryville and mcarthur maze. and an advisory is in effect here as well as the golden gate bridge, -- golden gate bridge, richmond san rafael and dinesh why bridges and remember to give yourself -- and venetia bridges and remember to give yourself extra time. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> san francisco hospital wants more than a million dollars in the case of giants fan bryan stow in the brutal beating he suffered. live outside the hospital with more information about this claim for reimbursement, good morning, brian. >> reporter: yes, good morning, still many unfolding elements but they still continue
. lorraine blanco is out there. how are people looking are they taking it slowly? >> yes, they are not taking it that slowly and the fog has not let up since we have been out here. just behind me is the toll plaza and you can't see it at all. now traffic is moving, moving rather slowly here and visibility is very low. here is a look at some iphone video as we head down in el cerrito tow. even -- el cerrito. in oakland you could not read the signs and driving around the east bay is a challenge this morning. we also shot video near berkeley and that could be tricky and today drivers are breaking more in heavy fog. advisories to tell you about, there is an advisory on the bay bridge as well as the san mateo and the venetia bridge and you will want to give yourself some extra time, slow down and use those low beams. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> more than 100 people were sent to the hospital after carbon-monoxide scare. here is more on what pg&e discovered in their investigation. >> reporter: no update on how all of those people are doing after they were exposed
garecht. she is the young girl who disappeared in the east bay 22 years ago. lorraine blanco is live with more. lorraine? >> reporter: tori, michaela garecht was last seen in this grocery store parking lot 24 years ago. today her mother and dozens of others tied these yellow ribbons around this tree to remember her. in just a few weeks, they may finally have some sense of closure. ♪ >> reporter: robbie was just a baby when his sister was kidnapped from this hayward parking lot in 1988. around 10 a.m., 24 years ago today, the 9-year-old disappeared but today friends and family remain determined to finally find her no matter the circumstances. whether she's alive or not, we continue to love her always and forever. hayward police say they never lost hope. in february, investigators found a bone fragment in a san joaquin valley well they think could be lanked -- linked to the case. results from dna testing are expected within weeks. >> regardless of the results of the testing of that fragment, i will probably still be here every year because i do this to remember michaela. >> reporter:
by shopping anxiety for some. lorraine blanco joins is live where some determined souls have been camped out for days and must be waiting for big deals, lorraine. >> reporter: yes, valley write big door buster deals are what they are waiting for, the line has grown send monday and actually the first family in line right here they are guesting ready for a thanksgiving feast right outside the best buy, down the line there are people enjoying a nice poker game, others just hanging out. 12 hours to go before best buy opens, and folks are still in a festive mood. tossing the pigskin, a common pastime before turkey time, but this is a best buy parking lot in pin noll pinole, and they are doing that. >> that would have helped and more blankets. >> reporter: all these shoppers earned a pink bracelet which comes with that. >> he wants that, where is it? here it is. >> these are there, they could not wait for black friday. they are thankful for jaw dropping deals like today like a tv for less than 100 dollars and a dvd player for 10 bucks. >> i mean last year was slow and this year i honestly have to
an overnight shooting happened at a nightclub. ktvu lorraine blanco was in san rafael. she has the very latest details on this. lorraine. >> reporter: dave, it started with a fight inside club 101. but the gunfire happened in this parking lot you see behind me over here. it's right off the 101 freeway in san rafael. you can see several investigators still out here four hours later trying to piece together what happened. san rafael police tell us the shooting took place just before 1:00 a.m. here. there was a huge crowd in the parking lot when they arrived. officers say two men were hit by bullets. those men were transported to marin general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police have detained two other men at this point they are still trying to determine if and how they were involved. >> i can tell you as far as i have heard it sounds like this started as a physical altercation inside the club that may have spilled out into the parking lot. which culminate into shots being fired. >> reporter: police found several weapons on the scene. lieutenant told us there was another shooting h
-- lorraine blanco is live outside the best buy store where the line keeps growing. >>> a port potosi is -- port tow potty is a good option. camps received bridge brat bracelets for television and topment if he you decided to make the sacrifice last minute and with these chilly temperatures they will pay the price. >> are you prepared this morning? >> just a little. but time would have helped and more blankets. lots more blankets. >> how are you feeling then. >> yes an exciting. >> reporter: also on fitzgerald boulevard toys-r-us opens on thanksgiving and then you can buy turkey and go shopping. so far, nobody is in line put they actually go past the 10th all the way out passed the parking lot and most people are still sleeping in their tents right now. you can expect long linesment get the guy another blanket. most stores will open early than 8:00 is tonight and then you have the great mall in milpitas. those open at 10:00 p.m. >>> starting now in san jose, thousands of runners are getting themselves ready for one of the bickest turkey trot races. i knowi know, you can see where cre
. >>> today in berkeley a rally. measure s would ban sitting on sidewalks. ktvu's lorraine blanco tells us things escalated. >> reporter: protesters were supposed to be out here till 6:00 p.m. but police said they couldn't be against the fences anymore so now their signs are left and one protesters will soon face a judge. >> reporter: what started as a protest turned into a confrontation. a officer sited one for blocking the sidewalk. they were playing to speak out against an ordinance. >> we don't want to see measure s pass. it is unconstitutional. >> reporter: it bans sitting on the sidewalk between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. people tell us it is counter to the counterculture. >> this is where people walk around and don't drive around. it is hard to reach people. >> reporter: the owner says shay slow down business. he has seen a decline in sales and a few doors down a store closed because of people camping outside. >> a lot of our customers tell us that they are uncomfortable or a lot of people say i don't go to telegraph. >> we need to reclaim our public spaces. >> reporter: they would ma
. lorraine blanco is live at the toll plaza with a look at what drive remembers dealing with there. it looks like a blanket of fog behind you. >> reporter: yeah, it is. the first day back from the holiday for many of us. we're facing a lot of fog and a lot of traffic here. it's still dense enough that it's still hard to make out the toll plaza. it's right behind us. even the warning signs about the fog are hard to read. there is a break in the fog around san pablo. but be prepared for the fog on the side streets as well this morning at jack london square in oakland. could you not read the streets there -- you could not read the signs. give yourself some extra time. slow down and use those low beams. reporting live in oakland, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> thank you, lorraine and here is a live look picture from our roof cam looking towards san francisco. you can't see very far. it's very foggy in some parts of the bay area. now, we just spoke to the duty manager at sfo. he says the fog is expected to cause delays of more than an hour most of the day. those delays are expected to
they are camping outside of a best buy store in pinole. ktvu lorraine blanco is there in pinole. been talking to some of the shoppers who apparently lorraine they are ready to spend thanksgiving in line? >> reporter: yeah. they will be spending thanksgiving out here. outside the best buy in pinole. apparently this has been a family and friends tradition here at this best buy in pinole. some have been doing this early on the holiday week for the last eight years. folks are getting up out here. grow can see their outdoor chairs are lined up along with the tents. most people are sleeping right now. later on you will see people playing cards, grabbing food, and hanging out. best buy here doesn't open until midnight on friday but store employees will hand out tickets as early as 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving for the hot items. we just talked to the lady who laid claim to her place in line yesterday morning. she is going to buy a tv, laptop, and x-box but that is not the only reason she is out here early. >> just like a big family out here. we converse and we spend thanksgiving together. we have all b
store ahead of black friday. lorraine blanco joining us live. she is in pinole where people are hunkered down in tents as we speak. right? >> yes, they are dave. it's very early and people are already they are out here camping out for black friday. here in pinole you can see there are tents out here. outdoor chairs, even a card table out here. it's very early in the morning. so so far there hasn't been much of a peep from the tents. there was one lady that came out to go to the bathroom. she is not quite ready to talk yet. employees here say this is the earliest shoppers have come out to make sure they are the first in line to take advantage of of course the holiday deals like big screen tvs and laptop computers. doors are supposed to open at midnight on friday. you can see she is going back into her tent right now. but you can actually be here earlier to get tickets i guess so you can can be the first to get some of these block buster deals. nation-wide black friday sales are expected to be down from last year. according to consumer research group big insight. 147million people will get
in line all for black friday deals. lorraine blanco has been talking to shoppers there about the rain and the forecast. there you are -- are they prepared for that, lorraine? >> reporter: yeah, they are gonna be prepared for that, tori. i've been checking out our facebook page and a lot of the comments are kind of negative about the people here. we're finding out it's less about the deals and more about the camaraderie here. in fact, thanksgiving will include a potluck and get some help to round out an outdoor feast. it seams like over anticipation has been a -- has become a holiday tradition for about the last decade. best buy doesn't open until midnight on friday. but store employees will hand out tickets as early as 10:00 p.m. outside right now, it's a little chilly. but what happens if it doesn't stay this way. >> it's supposed to rain the next two days. how are you guys gonna handle that? >> a friend is bringing a canopy down for us to sit under. we were out here playing democrat moi knows when the came -- dominoes when the rain came down last night. >> reporter: nothing is gonna
camping tables. lorraine blanco will have a live report on the early lines coming up in 15 minutes. >>> all right 4:45 is the time. traffic probably could be pretty light then with so many people already heading to the airport over the weekend. >> this week will be a little different. we're hoping it will be a little light. i just found out when i did a story last week about it that people used to wait until wednesday to leave. now they leave on friday last friday a lot of us do. we hope to have a nice week. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. now just because that happens doesn't mean we still won't won't have a crowd. westbound 80 the traffic moves pretty well heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza. usually on weeks like this what happens we get a backup. they don't last as long. by 8:30 or so it's gone. we'll see what happens this year. northbound 17, northbound 85 and northbound 87 are all looking good trying to get into san jose. 4:46 let's go to steve. >>> sal, is there anything going on tonight about 5:30? >> yes my book club you want to come? >> absolutely. thank
several hours before police reopen the parking lot. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> oakland has reached a grim milestone, the 111th homicide of the year is now in the books. that's more than all of last year. this latest shooting happened just before 2:00 a.m. on willow street in west oakland. no one is in custody. >>> and a memorial service will be held for a campbell man shot to death during an attempted carjacking. rory park petford was killed after suspects fled a crime scene. the memorial will be held at 11:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. at darlene fisher memorial in campbell. >>> time is 7:07. we're going to shift gears. we're going to go back to tara. now you're talking about a sig alert. >> this is true. if we look at the maps we can show you exactly where this is going on. we have about three lanes that are actually shut down right now. and this is due to an accident, looks like a vehicle has overturned, so three lanes blocked. they have one lane open. a palo pal low toe fire is -- palo alto fire is on the scene and there is an ambulance on the scene. this is right at embarcadero r
out more information about how this fire got started we will bring it to you. lorraine blanco ktvu news. >>> they consider this man armed and dangerous. officers pursued two robbery suspects and at one point they got out of the car and shot a bullet at the officer. it caused a chemical agent to fill up and the other man he was with ran off. >>> today is the 34th year anniversary of marking the somber anniversary. the remains of 406 people are bear rud there and 419 people lost their lives. police are expected to attend their lives. a vehicle him him and -- hit him and they tried keep the vehicle from leaving and a second person got involved. >> he backed up and tried to swing on us. >> both victims were taken to the hospital but they found the car self blacks a way. >> it caused fire up the coast of the louisiana. the rig exploded on friday when they cut an oil line with a torch. 4 of the 11 survived and one man is tim misses but he will continue. they are expected to update the chevron refinery fire. it leaked 360-degree liquid which caused a vapor cloud. 4,000 people sought medic
to spend a lot of time on land home for the holidays. their next mission is in march. lorraine blanco, ktvu news. >>> you can go to for more on today's interviews with vets. just control down to the video. >>> an explosion with 80 homes damaged. what energy officials say they did not receive before the explosion. >>> this is a little help from new orleans to you all. >>> helping hands from those who have been there. how hurricane katrina survivors did more than just clean up. >>> and in weather temperatures are dropping off rapidly right now. coming up at 10:37, the neighborhoods that will be in the lower 30s and when we'll have rain in the forecast. >>> indiana officials are trying to figure out what triggered a deadly explosion that burned 13 homes. two people were killed, seven people were injured and 200 others were evacuated. 31 homes were so badly damaged they may have to be demolished. it's not clear what caused the crash. >> it's an unmistakable odor. it travels to many places. >> authorities say they have ruled out a bomb or a meth lab. >>> in news of the world tonight in
. >> they will spend time on land home for the holidays, their next mission is in march. in alameda, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now to our continuing coverage of hurricane sandy and victims of that superstorm are get something help from special who know just what it's like to lose everything. >> with all of these hands with me i wouldn't be able to do anything. >> hundreds of volunteers pitched in to help clean up debris on staten island and among those on the job, a group of volunteers from new orleans. they know all too well that recovery could take years and how good it feels to get help. >> we pay-it-forward. you know? he all came to us in our dire need and this is alittle help from new orleans to ya'll. >> i was on the other side about 7 years ago, lined up getting things. so it's nice to give back a little bit. >> a team from zatarain's of new orleans helps by cooking up thousands of meals including jambalaya. >>> talks resumed between the nhl and the players association, but the hockey season remains in jeopardy. league owners meant mett with the union. in manhattan the ta
, and gunfire in the north bay. it apparently started with a fight inside a nightclub. lorraine blanco is live in san rafael where investigators have been at the scene combing through evidence for hours. >> reporter: i just talked with the sergeant in charge here. he told me that one of the victims is in serious condition this morning. he is under going surgery. the other victim is expected to be released shortly. csi unit is on scene. they are collecting evidence. they are also examing several bullet holes on cars and businesses. san rafael police tell us the violence started with a fight inside club 101 and several shots were fired outside the club just before 1:00 a.m.. two men were shot. those men were transported to marin general hospital. police detained two other men. they are trying to determine if and how those fenmen were involved. because there were so many people inside or in this parking lot, it took several hours before police allowed many club goers to head home. >> we detained a larger group of people from various cities in the bay area that were here for some kind of a concert
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)